Welcome to Human: Brighton Summit 2023

Looking to boost your connections? Stretch your brain? Breathe new life into your strategy?  

Offering an expertly curated blend of energising workshops, inspiring talks and informal networking breaks, Brighton Summit will supercharge your business and personal development.  

The Summit is for everyone, from sole trader consultants to multinationals, and start-ups to charities, we’ll learn from each other by sharing our different perspectives and experiences.  

Through the lens of this year’s ‘Human’ theme, we’ll hear stories of human resilience, human courage and human kindness. We’ll explore how human-centred businesses can flourish. And moving beyond the boundaries of human capability, we’ll consider what artificial intelligence and mixed reality mean to our very existence. We’ll be guided through these topics and many more by a league of inspiring superhuman speakers and workshop leaders who’ll engage and empower us throughout the day.  

Whatever your business interest, Brighton Summit is an invaluable opportunity to reflect and learn amongst your peers. 

“The aim of the Summit is always to inspire; something that might set your brain alight or help you think about how to do something differently in the future, to give you fresh ideas. It’s a 100% ‘out of the box’ day.”

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