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Daring to 'Look Up'

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The theme for this year’s Brighton Summit has a particular resonance for me as it coincides with coming back to work after some time away, with a new brand, a fresh outlook and a different approach to my career.

‘Look Up’ is a great opportunity to reset and relaunch, full of energy and optimism for the future. But recent experiences have taught me that despite best laid plans, things don’t always turn out as we hope or expect. Like in any business, there will be bumps in the road ahead and I want to be prepared for them.

I will be approaching this year’s Brighton Summit with both of these things in mind; on the one hand enthusiasm and hope for the next chapter and on the other hand a willingness to live in the moment and to expect the unexpected.

I am drawn to the idea of turning problems into opportunities. In business, as in life, setbacks happen – that is something we can’t control. What we can control is how we respond to them. So I’ll be on the lookout for speakers and sessions that offer new approaches and ways of working; things that will challenge me and help me to think outside the box.

There is so much on offer at the Brighton Summit that promises to tick these boxes for me. For example, ‘The big knowledge share’ during the Event Horizon hour sounds a perfect opportunity to think about my new business goals and the help I’m going to need to achieve them (whilst hopefully meeting some friendly faces along the way!)

With its focus on overcoming adversity, ‘Look at me now’ sounds like it will be right up my street as I look for a fresh perspective, some inspiration and the confidence to push ahead.

The keynote from Misha Glenny, ‘How the hell did we get here? And how do we get out!’, sounds like it will be a fascinating look at the much bigger picture. It will be a helpful reminder that however frustrating our own challenges may be, they are small fry compared to some of the things going on in the world! When we’re caught up in our own problems it’s sometimes hard to keep a sense of perspective…

But having attended the Brighton Summit before, I know it will be the unexpected bits of the day that will make it most worthwhile. Reconnecting with people I haven’t seen for a while, chance encounters, thought provoking conversations and useful tips – these are the bits I can’t plan for but which will have far reaching consequences for my business as I ‘look up’ to what lies ahead.

Lauren Psyk is a Brighton based photographer, blogger, content creator and marketeer. Her blog writing has recently won two national blogging awards. Find out more at or @laurenpsyk

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