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Your life as a movie

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Felicity Beckett interviews Summit speaker and co-founder of the award-winning social media company Liberty842, Daisy Cresswell.

I meet with the fabulous and affable Daisy Cresswell in the bar at the Duke of York’s and ask what the film of her life would look like. I immediately offer (as I have thought about it) that it would make a good sci-fi. She’s intrigued so I go on. It would begin with her grandmother back in the 1950s answering her Bakelite phone with the perfect Brief Encounter vernacular of the time ‘Liberty 842’-I should interject that this is also the name and the reason for the name of Daisy’s Social Media Agency. The sci-fi would be provided by her being transported to the future and into the unrecognisable social media based, high tech world in which Daisy operates. I imagine her taking her jaw-dropped, eyes-popping Gran-as-young-woman through the virtual world in which she operates, the dramatic tension being caused by whether Gran can… Duh Duh Duuuuuh …Embrace the Unknown! It’s a B-Movie.

Daisy has far better ideas for her movie. She begins to paint A Royal Tenenbaumesque family portrait for me and we are definitely talking an epic saga, a melodrama with great emotional sweeps from pathos to comedy. Huge characters all steeped in showbiz from vaudeville to modern musicals such as the bare knuckle fighting great great great granddad Tom Sayers to brother Luke Cresswell founder member of global phenomenon Stomp. The superbly monikered late Addison Cresswell, once managing agent to the likes of Jack Dee and Lee Evans. Business partner, elder sister and possible spy who is always right, Tayler Cresswell, credited as the brains of the operation by her generous younger sister. Harry Griffin, the other granddad, engineer during WWII turned special effects expert on James Bond. It’s all there! And of course Daisy, the loud, brash, impetuous, huge-hearted younger sister for whom family is everything. The thread is entertainment, it’s what they do and it’s how they are with each other, story tellers, muckerabouters and international citizens. Which frames perfectly how Daisy does what she does so well. Oh yes, and comic relief provided by Trouble and Fluff, Daisy’s very handsome cats.

Our movie has a working title of “The Cresswells” and pitched somewhere between Dallas and Corrie, co-directed by Alfred Hitchcock and Blake Edwards, a Stomp sound track (of course) and the costumier would be Edith Head. Classy.

Interview by Felicity Beckett, MC for this year’s Brighton Summit.

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