Artist date with death, curiosity and creativity



Seminar Room

The French artist Christian Boltanski was asked in an interview in 1992 why he had such ‘an obsessive insistence on thoughts of death’ in his work. His reply? ‘…but that is a normal subject’. Yet over 30 years after this statement, collectively we’ve still not accepted death as a subject to be freely discussed without judgment or fear.  

In this HOUR with Louise Harman, Founder of Louise on Death, you’ll explore absurdist writing through the theme of traces and deconstructing traditional grief narratives; as well as hearing Louise’s own story and how she decided to put her name next to death.  

You might want to join this session out of curiosity, love of the arts, or if you’ve ever been frustrated by limited and narrow conversations around death and grief. Through humour and honesty, you’ll explore the theme of death in a safe space, that you can dig deeper into if you wish after your HOUR with death.