Kevan Smith

Kevan Smith

Kevan Smith is a content creation specialist with a background in the Film and Television industry.

After studying at the London Film Academy Kevan adapted his experience working on major productions into creating high-end personal branding content for small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs.

From being raised on a self-sufficient family farm on the outskirts of Little Rock, Arkansas to attending the prestigious private university Lake Forest College, Kevan has experienced the epitome of Human Alchemy and heralds the benefits of leveraging contrasting perspectives for the purposes of innovation and growth.

Having delivered projects for Siemens, HBO, Mars Inc., TikTok, Sky, Beats by Dre and countless other multinational conglomerates, Kevan believes that creating content that you can be proud of starts with a clarity of Values, a Vision for success and communicating that content in the most precise and polished way possible.



Content chemistry: using Human Alchemy for ideas, innovation and growing your brand



Gardner Tower

Designing a brand that reaches new markets starts with integrating unique and different perspectives, based on alignment with your values and vision.

In this workshop, Kevan Smith will introduce you to human alchemy, that magical combination of contrasting considerations we each bring to the table, and how you can use this in your own content creation to amplify the reach of your business or personal brand.

You’ll come away with a checklist and innovative new ideas for your own content, in particular content for LinkedIn, that fits with your values, shared vision and most importantly, incorporates this idea of harnessing unique perspectives so that your content is inclusive and representative. After all, content that reflects your values and interests makes it easier to build relationships with potential referral partners, collaborators and prospective clients.