Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers

Mansoor Ahmed-Rengers

Mansoor is the Founder of OpenOrigins, a technology company dedicated to preventing disinformation caused by generative AI.

He is also a researcher at University of Cambridge where is a founding member of the Centre for Re-Decentralisation (CRDC). Mansoor has a background in computer security and distributed computing, and has invented several consensus algorithms, anonymity systems and hardware security systems.


Should the Summit theme have been AI?



The Auditorium

We couldn’t have a Summit called Human and not have a session on AI, could we?

AI. Love it or loathe it, it’s here to stay. How will it impact the future of work, of the jobs we do and love every day, that we’ve trained for and upskilled in? How will it impact future skills and education? What questions does it raise around equality and ethics?

In this interactive panel discussion and debate, we’ll be hearing from those in the thick of it on all these questions and more– people running businesses based on AI, founders using AI as a force for good and those who are looking at how their industry may be transformed by it. This session will help you devise your own personal roadmap for how AI will affect you and your business.