Moyra Scott

Moyra Scott

Moyra Scott is an expert in practical creative thinking, a wild artist and creative workshop facilitator.

She is here to liberate your creativity and supercharge your productivity by getting you doing things and thinking differently so that you can gain insight, find joy, and make changes for the better.  She does this through her powerful online and in person workshops, retreats and courses including; Wild Art Journaling, Wild Collage, and Wild Painting.

She has worked with The United Nations, Kings College London, Roche, GSK, Breathe HR, Trusted House Sitters, Reuters Events to name but a few.

She is a lead coach at Then Somehow and works with her own clients in the creative industries. Her ideas and work have been featured by the BBC, The Guardian, Metro, Grazia and The Telegraph.

Creativity is human: It is truly what computers can’t do. Keep one step ahead, create your magic.




Wild collage



Seminar Room

Slow down and make time for creativity – a truly human act.  

Whether you never manage to find the time to be creative; want to discover how creativity leads to insight; find a new way to tell your story; or want to do something that computers can’t do. It’s designed to be natural, relaxed and hands-on. You’ll discover the power of creativity to cut through the noise and provide you with a different kind of breathing space – one without words. 

Using collage as the mechanism, you get to create meaning and tell stories. Come with an open mind and a willingness to play, and you’ll leave, feeling calm, refreshed and with a collage piece that you can take home with you.