Nick Bright

Nick Bright

Nick Bright has the great title of Head of Play at Bright Green Penguin. His main project is Brighton Bricks where he gets to demonstrate the improvements to wellbeing that playing with Lego bricks can bring to individuals and teams. Brighton Green Penguin is a CIC not-for-profit organisation and works with many of our city’s businesses and charities, encouraging positive mental health and wellbeing. 



The Lego HOUR



The Marquee

Play isn’t just for kids, right? Nick Bright believes there is no age limit to play and his company, Bright Green Penguin, make sure that everyone gets a chance to do so.  

In this HOUR session you’ll create mosaics using small, interesting, specially designed LEGO pieces. You can work on your own or in small groups – whatever comes naturally. There’ll be trays to rummage in! 

It’s an activity that will help you to switch off and refocus your mind during a busy day and enjoy the process of being creative.