Tony Dain

Tony Dain

Tony Dain is a human skills facilitator and high-performance coach, he helps leaders, teams and talent to think, behave and perform differently for better results.

As co-founder and MD of future vision, Tony has been fortunate to work with some incredible people and many diverse organisations throughout his 25-year career, including Vodafone, barbican, Experian, Roedean School, MTV, Hewlett Packard, central and local government agencies as well as fast growing technology and digital businesses like Cazoo, Medtronic, Spinnup and Forge Rock.

He is also a qualified football coach and has spent the last 15 years managing and coaching youth, men and womens teams in Brighton and Sussex. He is currently head of team performance at non-league Steyning Town CFC and lead coach for Montpelier Villa Women, as well as being involved in football charity TACKLE.

Tony is passionate about the important role human skills can play in the business, sports and wider society, and is driven by the belief that there is a better healthier way to develop people and their potential.



Hone your inner human



Jane Attenborough Studio

How we live and work is changing…fast. We’re learning to live with and even embrace AI, the digital revolution and technology, but to deal with it we need more human experiences and we need to hone our human skills.

Human skills; the psychological, emotional, and social skills that can transform how we think, self-manage (our emotions) and interact. It is these skills that not only drive better performance, but also aid wellbeing and the bottom line.

Our brains can be a bit tricky, so to help us get to the bottom of why we think the way we do, we’ll drive headfirst into some of the latest thinking on neuroscience. You’ll get up close and personal with your internal dialogue and ultimately find out how you can turn your inner critic into your very own personal coach.