The future human employees talk



Gardner Tower

By his own admission a pretty poor A level student, William Baldwin is perhaps not the most obvious person to be running one of the most successful sixth form colleges in the country. At the Summit, he will reveal how he became involved in first teaching and then management while always remaining true to his lifelong belief that we are humans first and employees second. His leadership philosophy is one of ‘high challenge, low threat’. In other words, in order to get the best out of people, they must feel valued, that they belong, and that they are trusted as professionals. Having worked with 16-18 year olds for more than two decades, William will talk about how teenagers have changed in that time – and  how  teaching and learning has had to shift too.  

BHASVIC students are among the next cohort of employees for the city.  William will reflect on how the college is helping to prepare them for a future where they will be competing for jobs with AI bots. Encouragingly, he believes that the unique ingredients of being human – including emotional intelligence, relationship development and kindness – will always be needed in the world of work.

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